Parker Champ Gold (Premium Quality)

Parker Paint Champ Gold Acrylic Distemper is water-based, interior wall paint and gives walls a delightful, attractive and matt finish that lasts for ages. A time-tested formulation with acrylic copolymer binder, its special formulation ensures shade retention for a long time and its fast drying property facilitates quicker completion of pointing jobs. Champ Gold Acrylic Distemper with better durability, is one of the best performing distemper made by Parker Paints.


  • Environment friendly: Parker Paint Champ Gold Acrylic Distemper is based on an acrylic co-polymer formulation. It is environment friendly, contains no added lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic.
  • Durability: It has a high durability with strong anti-chalking performance.
  • Maintenance: This product has been specifically formulated such that it is easy to maintain.


Plastic emulsion 'ACRY PREMIUM' is water based wall paint. Having an acrylic base, it gives a smooth matt finish to walls. These paints are also washable, which makes them easy to maintain and extremely durable.


  • Available in interior grade
  • Luxurious, smooth and provides matt finish
  • Fast Drying
  • Smooth in flow and levelling
  • Has good opacity
  • Washable plastic emulsion


  • One litre of "Plastic Emulsion Acry Premium" will cover an area of 80-100 sq. ft. in two coats
  • Available Pack size:- 10 LTR, 15 LTR, 20 LTR

Interior Emulsion-Classic

Interior emulsion paint is water based wall paint. It acts as interior grade emulsion and provides a smooth matt finish to the walls. These paints are also washable, easy to maintain, and extremely durable. Resistance against extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity, heat & cold Resistance against Algae & Fungi.


  • Available in interior grade
  • Smooth and matt finish
  • Fast Drying
  • Smooth in flow and ease of levelling
  • Washable interior emulsion

Luxury Emulsion –Mink Touch (Luxurious quality)

MINK TOUCH is the name given to our luxury emulsion, as it is extremely smooth and gives a soft touch and impressive sheen to the walls. To our consumers mink touch is a symbol of luxurious lifestyle and rich taste. It represents a premium look, lustre; silkiness and lush colour.


  • Completely washable
  • Enhanced durability
  • Available in interior grade
  • Luxurious smoothness
  • lavish sheen


Parker Metallic paint is an interior paint that reflects the light and creates the appearance of brushed, precious metals.Parker Metallic paint is an interior, semi-gloss water based decorative finish with a polished sheen, available in a range of colours. Metallic effects is a specialty product, great for feature areas, that can be applied by brushing, sponging or spraying.

Parker Metallic paint can be applied over previously painted surfaces that are in good condition. For optimum appearance a perfectly smooth surface free of defects is required. Differences in surface gloss or variations in surface porosity can result in uneven colour and patchy appearance. Clean surface with sugar soap and remove any loose and flaking paint. Spot prime surfaces that have been filled and sanded. Glossy surfaces should be sanded to a dull finish prior to application. UNPAINTED SURFACES Unpainted surfaces should be cleaned and properly sealed with a suitable prepcoat.


  • Water based
  • Semi gloss
  • Tintable
  • Luxurious smoothness
  • lavish sheen