Premium Gloss Enamel

Parker Enamel is premium quality high gloss enamel that provides excellent weather resistance It is especially formulated to give a tough and fungus free finishes with excellent gloss and color retention. Parker Enamel is widely used on interior and exterior building surfaces made of wood, metal and masonry. It forms a tough film that is highly resistant to household stains. It thereby serves as a protectivearmour around the painted surface.


  • High Gloss Finish: Parker Premium Gloss Enamel gives a mirror like gloss for your doors, windows, grills & Gates.
  • Tough and Durable: The oil based film of Apcolite Parker Gloss Enamel makes it one of the toughest & most durable paints which forms a protective armor around surfaces.
  • Stain Guard: Parker Premium Gloss Enamel is a highly washable paint, thus you can wipe off most common household stains easily.

Premium Matt Enamel

Parker Matt Enamel reflects your taste for refined and opulent coating. It provides durable and non-dazzling regal matt finish that is excellent resistant to moisture and stain. Available in colors that resonate with your definition of style and charisma. It forms a luxurious smooth matt finish that is highly washable. With its stain-resisting properties it is extremely suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and staircases


  • Excellent resistance to steam and moisture.
  • Washable and stain resistance
  • Good weather resistance
  • Resists alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion

Melamine Matt

Parker Melamine Matt is a 2 pack system finish coat. It is an acid catalyst alkyd-amino curing system specially formulated for providing hard and tough film on wooden surface for decorative and protective purposes. Matt finish contains special type micronized matting agent whereas Gloss finish is totally transparent and clear lacquer.


  • A Two pack system providing a durable coat with excellent abrasion properties.
  • Gives good heat, water and solvent resistant and thereby increases the life of the wood.

Melamine Gloss

Parker Melamine gloss is a range of low pressure laminate pre-finished panels and offers a wide range of colours, prints, finishes, substrate types and thicknesses to choose from.

Its suitable for use in cabinetry, shelving and furniture in dry areas.


  • Won't streak or craze
  • Tough scratch resistant surface
  • No additional surface finishing required
  • Panels available double and single sided
  • Standard substrates include low formaldehyde (E0) and mositure resistant (HMR) MDF, Lightboard and Particleboard
  • Environmental Choice Certified


Parker PU (polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating. It forms a tough, non-yellowing film that accentuates the natural beauty of your interior wooden furniture. Polyurethane Clear Gloss offers the ultimate in hardness. Its a two-component clear finish based on unsaturated polyesters. Its finish is aultra high gloss and is completely clear. Due to the hard nature of this finish, Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss is ideally suited for plywoods, coating epoxy resins, saloon tables and cabin soles. Polyurethane Clear Gloss has superior flow, gloss and durability. It provides high U.V. protection and resistance to abrasion, weathering, chemicals and loss of gloss. The outstanding flow characteristics make this two-component varnish highly suitable for both brush and spray applications.


  • Here the gloss is more than 90%
  • The only gloss which is buffable
  • Retains gloss for years
  • Retains sheen for years
  • Much more harder than melamine
  • Not at all yellowing
  • Process can be completed within a day’s time
  • Available in wide range of colors.


We are among the leading organization that trade and wholesale a wide range of quality PU (Polyurethane) Matt Lacquer. Our offered lacquer is made from superior quality of raw material in strict compliance with the industry standards at vendor's end. Our lacquer is highly concentrated and can be applied to any surface for a lasting finish. Our lacquer is safe to use, easy to apply, and is available at market leading rate.

A 2-component polyurethane-based clear sealer with an extremely hardwearing matt finish. Less than 10% Specular gloss at 60° measurement angle.

Uses: As a protective coating for Flowcrete screeds, toppings and third party resilient floorings.


  • Renders superior finish
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Cost efficient